Jeka Systems Web Design Process

Good web design and hosting are the product of always following a good process. Jeka Systems has put together a comprehensive process for our design and hosting services.

The steps we follow in any web project are:

  • Discovery
  • Clarification
  • Planning
  • Implementation/Review
  • Testing
  • Delivery
  • Maintenance


This is where we find out what type of service you need. We have a questionnaire that you will fill out and return to us that will help both of us find what it is you desire in a web page.


After looking over your questionnaire there may be several conversations through email, phone or one-on-one to make sure that everybody understands what is expected. A written proposal will be sent so that both parties will know what is expected of them and what the timeline is for the project.


During this phase we will decide what resources are going to be required for this project. Some of the things we need to consider include:

  • Which technologies are going to be used (HTML, Coldfusion, ASP, PHP). Will there be a shopping cart and merchant account?
  • Will there have to be a database, and if so how big (Access, mySQL or SQL Server)? Will there be branding/logo’s?
  • Will we use a template or start from scratch? The type of web (personal, business, informative, News…), already dictates a lot of this. There may be wireframes or samples of the web page for you to approve
  • A contract for web design and/or web hosting.


This is the actual development of the web pages. We will be putting up sample web pages for your approval in a review area of the Jeka Systems web that only you will be able to view. We will need all graphics elements and content you are going to provide during this phase.

As you review your web and decide that you want to make changes to the design or add functionality/pages you will fill out a change request form detailing the changes desired.


This may be combined with the implementation phase, depending on the complexity of the web. For webs with a database a set of sample data will be created for testing. If there are a lot of decision branches and data manipulation we will create a test plan to make sure that all functions of the web are exercised.


When you are satisfied with the design and functionality of your web in the review area you will be asked to sign an acceptance document for your web that states all the design criteria was met and the web functions to your specifications. Your web will then be either uploaded to the production server or delivered to you in the way you specified in the contract.


If Jeka Systems is hosting your web site we will provide a certain amount of minor maintenance on your web. This should not be more than an hour per month. If more work is required it will be charged and an hourly rate. All this will be detailed in the original contract, including the rate for additional work/changes.

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